Battery Disposal Tips

Thanks to latest programs that require lots of computing power and memory, individuals often find that their old PC does not have the ability to run these programs efficiently. While some of them can get away by upgrading their existing computers by adding additional RAM or changing the processor, others have no option left apart from junking their old PC and purchasing a new one. If you plan to purchase a new computer, ensure that you do not dump your old one in the nearest landfill as it can have a negative impact on the environment. It is better to contact the manufacturers of your old PC, as most of them offer an option to pick up your old PC from your home or office and recycle it properly.

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Toxic poisoning

In case you did not know, the electronic circuit board and other electronic parts of a computer contains heavy and toxic metals such as lead, beryllium, chromium, cadmium, etc, that leech into the soil and contaminate it. Over time, these toxic substances spread into nearby ponds and soil and pose a threat to animals grazing the grass contaminated by these hazardous chemicals. The poisoned water from the pools enters your household via the water supply and damages your health when you drink it. Therefore, you should be extremely careful while disposing your PC. The case is the same regarding battery disposal as well. You should contact professionals who specialise in picking up the battery or PC from your place, dismantling it, recycle recoverable parts, and pass it to manufacturers of computer or battery components. Not only does this act help conserve the environment; it also reduces the cost of the new PCs too, as the manufacturers pay les when purchasing recycled metals and other materials.

What to do

In case you have decided to say goodbye to your old PC to make space for a new one, check the municipality rules that regulate the disposal of computers and monitors. Instead of dumping it into a landfill, contact recyclers who will dispose off your PC in an environmentally friendly manner. However, you should go through the fine print on the website of those companies before selecting one of them. On the one hand, certain companies only pick up computers in bulk quantities, making them feasible only when you want to dispose several computers at a time. On the other hand, you will find companies that focus on individual computers, making them beneficial for individuals who want to dispose off a single computer.

Chargeable or free of cost

You should also check if the disposal company charges any fee for their services. Your best bet is to contact the company you plan to purchase the new computer from. Most of them offer to pick up your old PC from your house or office free of charge. You can also contact the manufacturer of your old PC. They will send you a special carton that you can use to store your old computer and mail it to them. You will have to bear the shipping costs though. Follow the same procedure for your old battery disposal purposes too.